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Today is Saturday, April 29, 2017

Twitter Exclusive: Kim Zolciak & Dallas Austin Got Beef


Ok, well, we all know from season 1 of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" that Kim Zolciak was "launching" her music career & she was seen working with Dallas Austin.

Long story short, Dallas Austin put Kim on blast last year about how she wasn't talented and was not working with him. And he did it again two days ago calling her a "housewife bitch" and saying her and "talent" shouldn't be in the same sentence together.

KimZolciak Morning! I checked out @necolebitchie and saw that Dallas Austin can't stop talking about me ... yet again! We're @ 4 mill viewers? You?

KimZolciak @dallasaustin what have you done lately aside from trying to be on "the Real Housewives of Atlanta" every season and every other show?

KimZolciak @DALLASAUSTIN get a grip honey I am beyond you and apparently you can't stop talking my name to get press. It's old news and no one cares!

Um, main reason why som celebrities shouldn't be allowed on twitter. As far as I'm concerned, they're the only ones causing drama & getting themselves (and their ego) into more trouble than the media.

Whoo chile, this is too easy.

happy's ego. =)


Guess Which Atlanta Housewife Lost Their House Now...


Yes folks, Lisa Wu-Hartwell and her husband, former Oakland Raiders linebacker Ed Hartwell, have lost their house to foreclosure earlier this month.

The couple bought their $2.9 million home in Duluth, GA back in 2006. However, they defaulted on their mortgage, and the bank wasn't having it. It was lost to foreclosure and the bank sold it for a modest $1.9 million.

The couple and their son are now renting a home.

UTTT. Time to join the Bitches on a Budget club with Sheree & NeNe! Just sad. I guess the only lavish ones are Kandi & Kim. (big thanks to Big Poppa!)


happy's ego. =)


Kim To NeNe, "I'm Pressing Charges!"


Yep yep, our favorite Atlanta Housewife Kim Zolciak is finally taking a stand, and she's starting with NeNe Leakes.

OK! Magazine say that Kim is suing her best friend (or so we thought) for choking the shit out of her. NeNe allegedly engaged in the attack on April 14th off camera. NeNe showed up to shoot a scene, went into rage, and attacked Kim before being pulled away.

Um, now as I remember correctly, Wendy Williams had Kim's pulicist on her show and, after he aired out al the housewives' dirty laundry, he claimed that Kim was choked outside of Taste (Bow Wow's restuarant if anyone cares) and that it happened on camera. But I digress...

Anyway, last night, NeNe denied all claims yet states, "If I was her I would take a warrant out on me." So you say you didn't commit the crime but you would take a warrant out on yourself just because? WTF...

Kim says she held off from pressing charges due to the taping of "Housewives" and didn't want to disturb NeNe and her family, but she says it's a decision she regrets not doing.

You know what, I'm so over this. It appears that every move either one of the housewives is just to add to publicity for the show. Kim's PR talked so much ish about Kim herself, but he's still on the team and she has yet to take any action. It's marketing, people. And you know what, it's quite sad that Atlanta can't be represented (yes, you represent Atlanta no matter how much you deny it and make excuses for it, KANDI) is a good light. Where are the actual housewives who have established themselves, are rich, and know how to act (and dish it out behind close doors to one another)?


happy's ego. =)


What You May Not Know: The Real Housewives of Atlanta


I'm gonna be absolutely honest with you. I didn't care anything about the "The Real Housewives.." series on Bravo until I saw "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" in the summer/fall of 2008. I think alot of people could agree with me, seeing as it's Bravo's first docudrama to generate 2 million viewers instantly. Now, I really enjoy all the "Housewives" series (haven't really seen New Jersey, don't really want to...) but there's nothing like the drama on Atlanta.

Which brings me to blog this time because I'm really upset that for a predominantely black successful reality show, the women aren't nearly as successful as they aspire to be. None of them are housewives or rich. The only one who meets both standards was DeShawn Snow, wife of NBA player Eric Snow, who was asked not to come back because she was "too human" and didn't generate enough drama. (Although it was funny when her charity event put her $30,000 in debt for the chill'en)

The show has been renewed for a second season which will debut July 30th with new housewife Kandi Burruss. But, before you get caught up in the drama later this summer, I'm gonna give you a background on your favorites. You call it messy, I call it blunt.

(P.S. None of them actually reside in the city of Atlanta. They all live in the suburbs like Sandy Springs or Duluth. As a resident of Atlanta, it's a little disappointing, but yet again, I digress..)

Ultimate fan favorite NeNe Leakes isn't all that she's cut out to be, obviously. Her and her "husband" Greg have been evicted from her home. Her finances continue with them owing over $100,000 in unpaid taxes to the IRS. Furthermore, Greg isn't even legally her husband. They met at a strip club. I also heard earlier that NeNe's son didn't actually get accepted to Clark Atlanta. I mean, really, how hard is it to get into? She also said that her and Kim Zolciak will never be friends again but they will be civil. Well, apparently she strangled Kim outside of an event. (A staged act turned wrong, lord have mercy..) She may record an album & she's doing a tell-all book which most likely will highlight events and actions other than what I'm about to dish out to you. You know, for the sake of the image she has left.

Kim Zolciak has made quite an impact. This Connecticut native is, in fact, 30 years old, but there's alot she's not telling the public. Well, first off, Big Poppa is in fact Lee Najjar, a Duluth real estate mogul or something like that. (I hear the relationship has sparked again, he's living with Kim & will be making an appearance more than once) Najjar is also a married man who is currently filing for divorce but has given a promise ring to Kim to show his devotion and (possible) engagement. Someone should've told Kim to give one to him, because she's apparently been sleeping around with men in order to get her fix on money. And don't get any ideas of rappers or R&B singers because she uses the word "n***er" excessively like nobody's business. Kim's tacky wigs are $1000 a pop and they cover her natural hair which is shoulder length, bleached out, and damaged. (So much for those cancer rumors you've started, Kimmy) Kim has been looking for sugar daddies since she was 16 and was involved with a Connecticut sargent. In fact, the very one who made her a witness for a case. Devious and against the law! Kim's blog was, for a time, taken down because of failure to payment to former publicist and messy queen Jonathan Jaxon.

Sheree Whitfield isn't so innocent either. In Ohio, she was arrested twice at age of 19 for a robbery. Oops! Also, do you recall how she was expecting a seven-figure statement from her ex husband in the first season? Well, turns out he's broke now and, ultimately, so is she. No child support, no alamony, nothing. This forced her to sell her home in Sandy Springs, which she tried to sell for a price of $2.8 million, but nobody came. Ok, so she tried again for $2.4 million. Again, no one wanted it. The bank foreclosed that bad boy and put it on the market, selling it for $1.1 million. As if Sheree should even care how much it was sold for seeing as she gets no profit from it. One thing to look forward to is her fashion line, "She By Sheree". She also fired her fine ass publicist Jonathan Clardy who's pretty much been saying things such as, "She's mad cuz I'm more famous than her! And she's broke!" Oh ok, so the truth.

Lisa Wu Hartwell lives a more glamorous life. She's actually rich and married to donkified NFL player Ed Hartwell. However, she was formerly married to Keith Sweat in which she has struggled taking custody of her children. She also filed for bankruptcy a few years ago.

New housewife is Kandi Burruss, famed singer of the girl group Xscape and songwriter for great hits such as Destiny's Child "Bills Bills Bills" & TLC "No Scrubs". However, she's been called a certified industry whore. Sleeping with so many famous producers including Xscape's producer Jermaine Dupri, his friend, and even his father!! I can't take. This has caused a long going anomosity towards Xscape, leading to the group's demise. She also suffered from a nervous breakdown and shaved her hair off at a point of her life.


Wow. All I know is that this is gonna be one interesting season.


pennsylvania happy. =)

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